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Set Your Ag Operation Up for a Successful Year


Dec 19, 2022 10:28:23 AM

To lay the foundation for a prosperous year, farmers, ranchers, and growers work year-round to prepare for planting, growing, and harvesting seasons. So, what does it take to set your ag operation up for a successful year? Take a look through our cultivation guide to find resources and recommendations to make the most of every season.


The winter months are spent reviewing the previous year and planning for the upcoming planting season. This downtime is also used for taking inventory of seeds and equipment, making necessary repairs, and analyzing soil and water management practices. Farmers and ranchers can use this time to prepare their land for colder temperatures and winterize equipment


Many growers will make seed purchases in the winter to prepare for spring planting. At Curtis and Curtis Seed, we offer free consultations to help ag professionals, government land agencies, and homeowners find the right seed for their needs. We’ll ask you about your environmental factors, goals, and budget to curate a list of quality seeds for your planting project. 

Whenever you’re ready to place your seed orders, you can schedule your delivery for now or request a later ship date, and we’ll store it until you’re ready to receive it.


When spring arrives, planting season is officially here! Preparation for planting may look like tilling crops, treating weeds, and applying fertilizers to the soil. Depending on your crops, your seed will be planted in either early or late spring. This information can often be found in our product descriptions online. 

Our team has decades of experience and the necessary tools to support our customers to make the most of their seed investment. From seed selection to determining your planting rate, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Whether you need support for land restoration, public land projects, or agricultural crops, we can help you find the right seed for any planting project.

Check out our inventory of high-quality seeds. 


As we enter the summer months, the seeds planted in the spring are now fully established and growing. Summer responsibilities are high for farmers, as their crops will be closely monitored to treat for weeds and pests as needed and to identify any potential threats. Depending on your crop rotations, cover crops may be planted in the summer to protect soil from the heat, reduce erosion, and improve soil health as we gear up for any fall planting.  

This growing season is often spent cleaning and inspecting harvest equipment that will be put to work come fall. This is a critical time to determine if any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades need to be made.


In the ag industry, fall is synonymous with harvest. Farmers and their teams will gear up for long days as they start preparing for a successful harvest. Combines and other harvest equipment will make their seasonal debut as farmers begin harvesting crops. The collected grain is then stored on the farm or loaded up to be hauled or shipped off for sale. blog_bodyFall

Following harvest, it’s time to evaluate the season and start planning and making adjustments for the following year. Fall cover crops or winter pasture grasses can also be planted in fall to offer coverage to the land as we approach the winter season. 

Find Support in Every Season 

At Curtis and Curtis Seed Company, we aren’t just experts in sourcing and producing quality seed. We’re an experienced team that can offer guidance and support in nearly every aspect of the planting, growing and harvesting process. Our business has nearly 67 years of experience helping our customers purchase and care for their seeds to ensure a successful year of growth. 

Partner with our team of cultivation consultants to receive expert recommendations and support as you enter 2023.

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