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Starting a Successful Year of Farming During a Drought


Jan 22, 2021 2:49:24 PM

Farming during a drought is among the most challenging periods that farmers face. Rather than letting the feeling of helplessness creep in, start the year strong and combat the threats of drought.

Farming in a drought 

Farmers and ranchers are no strangers to hardships. In fact, overcoming new hurdles is a part of the job description. While farming during a drought is pretty high on the list of challenges, you’re not going to just sit around and hope for rain… you’re going to take care of business like you always do. 

Check out our tips to help you adapt to these dry conditions and protect your land and livestock. 

Reduce tillage 

While tillage is helpful in many ways, you may be wise to avoid it during a drought. Tillage disrupts soil structure, reducing crop residue and resulting in low water infiltration. Since soil is already dry during a drought, reduce your tillage techniques to keep your soil’s lingering moisture contained. 

Plant drought-tolerant crops and grasses 

While all plants need water to live, some crops and grasses require less water than others. Drought-tolerant varieties do require adequate water when establishing seedlings; however, they tolerate dry conditions once grown. When preparing to plant in dry conditions, we recommend selecting seeds described as drought-tolerant or drought-resistant.

Here are some of our featured drought-tolerant seeds.

Blue Grama Buffalo, Sundancer MondiaOats-05

Use irrigation efficiently 

Droughts can have a huge impact on farmers' livelihoods and the agriculture industry. Using your irrigation efficiently is key to lasting through these challenging conditions. To get more out of your irrigation efforts, try minimizing the acres of high water demand crops you plant. 

Plan ahead 

One of the best things you can do to protect your ag business is to put a drought plan in place. As you create your comprehensive plan, consider how your crops, forage, and other resources have reacted to drought in the past. How can you better utilize your water, land, and crop management to outlast the possible extremes of drought?


Take advantage of available resources 

Did you know there are several resources available to support farmers and ranchers in managing their land and protecting their assets during a drought? Research the resources available to your region or industry to learn more. You'll find helpful farm management practices and financial assistance to help farmers facing the many hardships of drought.  

Plant the highest-quality seeds  

Your farm isn't just your livelihood – it's your whole life. At Curtis and Curtis Seed, we know firsthand how true this is. For over 65 years, our family business has been dedicated to searching high and low for the best native grasses, cover crops, and wildflowers in North America to produce the highest-quality seed on the market. When we put our name on each package, we're guaranteeing a quality product that doesn't just meet the industry-standard – it exceeds it.

Care for your land with seeds you can count on from Curtis and Curtis Seed. For one-on-one consulting and personalized seed recommendations, contact our team to speak with a cultivation expert today. From a prosperous harvest to a challenging hardship, we're here for you through it all. 

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