When to Consult About Your Large Planting Project

When planning a large seed purchase for public land projects or reclamation sites, there are a handful of factors to consider. Seed species, availability, time frames, budgets, and environmental conditions should all be a part of your seed planning process. To ensure your project stays on track and you get your intended results, consulting an expert from the start should be a significant part of your planning process. 

In addition to providing the highest quality seed products on the market for the last 65+ years, our Cultivation Experts provide consulting services to offer support and troubleshoot issues on your cultivation journey!


Planning your seed project

Environmental Conditions

Before you start, consider the environmental factors that will determine the seed type or seed mixes that will meet your needs. Identifying these conditions below will help us narrow your seed selection as you prepare for your project.

BulletPoints-01 Local temperature
BulletPoints-02 Precipitation and moisture
BulletPoints-03 Elevation 
BulletPoints-04 Soil conditions
BulletPoints-05 Biodiversity and land history

Seed Quantity

How much seed do you need for your restoration or public land project? The amount of seed you order depends on the acreage and desired plant density of your land. See this video from our Cultivation Expert Mark Peabody to learn more about calculating the planting rate based on purity, germination, and healthy plant population. Our team is here to answer any questions about this process!

Promote Diversity

Planting native plants improves land and air quality while developing and maintaining genetic diversity on your land. Native plants can support wildlife, pollinators, and ecosystems to improve your land and surrounding areas. These plants will thrive in their native regions and require less maintenance than other seeds and plants. Curious about which plants are native to your area? Ask about this during your one-on-one with us

Plant with Confidence

To get the most out of your seed investment, schedule a consultation with one of our Cultivation Experts to discuss your goals, challenges, and project details. We’ll help you determine the right seed, amount, and maintenance to be successful in your planting. If there isn’t a seed blend that checks all of your boxes, our custom seed mixing is a service that ensures you get exactly what you need.

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