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Winter Is Coming: Turn Off Your Sprinklers!


Nov 6, 2020 11:36:00 AM

You've heard it all before: winter is coming and it's time to get started on your winter lawn care. So, you may be thinking, this is just about protecting my grass, right? Well, not exactly. While we do preach about the importance of maintaining your grass's health and caring for your seed investment, it's just as important to protect your lawn care equipment, sprinkler systems, and faucets around your home. 

What exactly does this look like for you, and what can you do to prevent freeze damage and expensive repairs this season? Continue reading below to learn more.

Avoid freeze damage with winter lawn care 

Winter lawn care is an essential step to ensuring your grass comes back strong in the spring, but that's just the start! 

Check out this blog for more tips on preparing your grass for freezing weather.   

Let's take a broader look at winter lawn care and what you can do to prepare your home. From turning off your sprinkler system to properly storing your lawn care equipment, winter lawn care can help you avoid freeze damage and hundreds of dollars spent in repairs and replacing equipment. 

Turn off sprinklers

To prepare your sprinkler system for a freeze, you will first need to shut off the water to your irrigation system. This valve can be found on your water meter and will need to be turned to the off position. Next, allow your sprinklers to run to relieve pressure and release drainage from above ground systems. Recap any exposed openings to prevent any debris from collecting in pipes. If you'd rather leave it to the professionals, contact a local lawn care company to schedule an irrigation winterization service. 

Drain water lines

While rare, there are some occasions you may find yourself needing to drain your water lines. When preparing for a winter vacation or an unusually cold night, draining your water lines can prevent the hassle (and expense) of busted pipes. Shut off the main water valve and allow all of the water to drain from your faucets. Use an air compressor to push out any remaining water. After the freeze, turn your water valve back on and allow faucets to run until pipes are full. 

Cover exterior faucets

Do a walk around the perimeter of your home to identify all of your outdoor faucets. Turn off the water valve and allow each faucet to drain. Finally, top each faucet with a styrofoam cover to provide insulation for those cold winter days. 

Properly store equipment 

There's no question that winter conditions can be harsh, especially on your outdoor furniture, lawn care equipment, potted plants and planters, and tools. Proper storage can ensure they're protected all winter long and ready to be enjoyed again in the spring and summer. Save yourself the inconvenience and go through our quick and easy checklist! 



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