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Winter Lawn Care: Tips to Prepare for the First Freeze


Oct 19, 2020 1:32:57 PM

The key to getting the most out of your winter lawn care? Starting early!

The importance of winter lawn care 

Fall is an excellent time to begin preparing your yard and garden for the cold winter conditions. As we transition into winter, there are a handful of helpful things that will ensure your lawn makes it through in good health. Get ready for the first freeze of the season by adding these tips to your to-do list.  


Tip 1Tip #1 Cover outdoor faucets and drain water lines 
As you prepare for the first freeze, don’t forget to cover faucets and drain water lines to prevent permanent damage. Drain and turn off sprinkler systems, put up the water hose, and protect outdoor faucets with foam pipe insulators or covers.



2October-24Tip #2 Clear out your summer garden  
This isn’t goodbye... it’s see you later! Clear out your summer vegetable garden to prepare for the next season of planting. If dead plants and stalks are left behind, they can attract unwanted pests and diseases that make healthy growth difficult in the spring. For plants that will remain in your garden this winter, surround them with mulch to offer protection and insulation to the plant and its root system


2October-25Tip #3 Bring in potted plants 
Most potted or contained plants are not equipped to handle low fall or winter temperatures. Bring in perennials and place in an area where they will receive adequate sunlight. Check plants and soil for pests and disease to avoid causing harm to your indoor plants.



2October-26Tip #4 Fertilize 
Fertilizing in the fall brings a range of benefits to your yard. Feed your grass and soil with the nutrients it needs to survive the winter and come back strong again in the spring. To learn more about fall fertilizing, read this blog.



2October-31Tip #5 Treat weeds 
Tired of pulling weeds by hand? Herbicides are a great solution to pesky weeds that don’t seem to budge. Treating weeds in the fall, before winter arrives, can promote a healthier lawn in the spring.



2October-32Tip #6 Reseed Bare Spots
Bare spots where your grass seed didn’t take root can be distracting and unsightly in your yard. The fall conditions are great for reseeding before the cold winter months. Loosen the surface and sprinkle grass seed over any sparse areas. Cover with a light heap of mulch or hay for protection and continually water until the grass begins to grow. 


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