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Why Our Seed is Better Quality & Better for the Land


May 9, 2022 10:44:34 PM

Our dedication to finding high-quality seed is what sets us apart in the seed industry, making us trusted partners to land managers and various government agencies for over 60 years.

We have decades of experience supporting public and private seed projects, including:
  • Forestry and grass
  • Highways
  • Right of way
  • Conservation easements
  • Reclamation sites

Your trusted native grass seed warehouse

Since 1956, Curtis and Curtis Seed Company has had deep ties to the native grass and wholesale grass seed business. As environmental stewards and outdoorsmen and women, we’re privileged to travel the US, specifically the Southwest, to track down the purest native stands of native grasses to harvest.

Homesteaders Choice

Homesteader's Choice Native Grass Seed Mixture

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Mountain Pass Native Grass Seed

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Mountain Pass

Santa Fe Trail Native Grass Seed Mixture

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Our standards for quality agriculture grass seed 

Many native and agricultural grasses are low-maintenance plants that can not only withstand but thrive in the conditions of their native regions. Different varieties are adapted to certain soils, elevations, precipitation levels, and other environmental influences.

Because of the high standards, we hold our seed products to, we strive to process and package seeds that receive exceptional results in testing. This means that our products contain the highest purity and germination rates possible.

What’s the real impact of quality seed?

Native grasses can play an important role in conservation and agricultural production. Planting quality native grass seeds has way more benefits than just improving and maintaining soil health. It can help to reduce your carbon footprint and combat the harmful effects of human activity, major agricultural activities, and other environmental impacts. 

You can read more about carbon emissions and carbon sequestration here

Incorporating native grasses in areas with or without existing native plants can protect against soil erosion, reduce sedimentation, improve air and water quality, and provide a habitat to wildlife.

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