Carbon Sequestration and Soil Health

We all want to produce plentiful crops, but did you know that maintaining your soil health plays a role much larger than just high yields? You spend hours out tending to your crops, pasture, and farmland year-round to keep it looking its best. However, the benefits of healthy, nutrient-rich soil reach far deeper– helping to combat the effects of climate change.  

Why soil health impacts climate change

Carbon emissions can be caused both naturally and by human activity, resulting in lasting effects on our atmosphere and beyond. Major agricultural activities include tilling, fertilization, and livestock-related emissions. The increase in CO2 that is released in the atmosphere has resulted in a change in temperature on the Earth’s surface, creating the phenomenon we know to be global warming.

Fortunately, there’s growing interest and support of efforts to reduce these impacts, including carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is the process of absorbing atmospheric carbon through the soil, plants, water, and other organic matter. Healthy soil is critical in this process as it allows the ground to absorb more carbon, storing it in the roots and other crop materials. 

How you can improve your soil health 

For stripped or overworked land, planting high-quality agricultural grass seed and cover crops is an excellent way to restore nutrients and essential vitamins into your soil. In addition to adding nutrients back to your soil, quality cover crops offer erosion control, retain moisture, and provide grazing to surrounding wildlife. 

Just like you care for your lawn’s soil health at home, it’s important to take a deeper look when grass or plants on your crops appear to be struggling as this is often an indicator of poor soil health. 

Start with quality seed 

To start from the soil up, you can’t overlook the importance of quality grass seed. Check out some of our most popular seeds to find the right seed blend that will thrive under your farm or ranch’s conditions. 







Make a lasting difference with the Cultivation Experts 

Improving your soil health not only saves you time, money, and effort but makes a difference that reaches even further. When you partner with our Cultivation Experts, you’re making a difference one seed at a time. We source, process, and distribute the highest quality seeds so that our customers experience healthy, lasting results for years to come.  

Together we can leave the land better than we found it. Reach out to schedule a personal consultation and learn more about planting to make a difference.