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Maintain a Beautiful Summer Wildflower Garden


Jul 16, 2020 3:01:51 PM

Few things can boost your spirits (and curb appeal!) like our beautiful summer wildflowers! Their bright, vibrant colors add an unexpected pop to your home's landscaping and garden. Wildflowers are a great, easy planting option, and with proper care, these blooms can continue to thrive throughout the harsh summer months.

Plant summer wildflowers that can take the heat  

The first step to maintaining a beautiful wildflower garden at your home is to plant high-quality blooms around your home. Here at Curtis and Curtis Seed, we source and process the best seeds in North America to provide you with long-lasting and prosperous wildflowers. To begin planting your wildflower garden, see our helpful tips here

As you begin your search for the perfect flowers to fill your garden, take a look at our beautiful varieties!  

Black Eyed Susan Wildflower Seeds



Sonora’s Bloom Wildflower Mixture 



Showy Plains and Juniper Hills Wildflower Mixture  




See more wildflower blends from Curtis and Curtis Seed! 

Proper watering  

One of the most appealing characteristics of wildflowers is the little amount of attention they require. However, to withstand the harsh summer conditions, you must provide your wildflower garden with an appropriate amount of water. This amount varies, depending on your climate and annual rainfall in your region. In dryer climates, you can expect to provide up to 1/2 inch in supplemental watering.image1-Jul-16-2020-06-59-04-39-PM

Soil health  

Our wildflowers provide many benefits to your home, including beautification to hide unsightly parts of your yard, supporting insects and birds, and improving soil health. If poor soil health is beginning to threaten your wildflowers' growth, you can treat the area with all-natural compost or an effective fertilizer from your local nursery or garden center. To prevent unwanted weeds, conduct a routine "weed-check" to pull growth and spray with pesticides every few weeks. 

Our team of cultivation experts is here to help on any project, big or small! From personalized recommendations to caring for your home garden to supplying you with the highest quality wildflower or grass seeds, we do it all. For more information, contact our team today! New call-to-action


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