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How To Plant And Maintain a Wildflower Garden Home


Apr 10, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Did you know planting wildflowers can improve soil health and water quality while preventing erosion of surrounding land? Add some color to your yard this spring with beautiful and easy to plant flowers! Fill your garden with seeds of your favorite wildflowers and watch as they grow into bold, lively habitats for helpful insects, birds, and other wildlife. 

How to start your wildflower garden

As you start to prepare your wildflower garden, you'll first want to determine the best time to plant your seeds for your home’s climate. In warmer climates, you'll want to plant your seeds in early spring before the intense heat of the summer arrives. In colder climates, you'll want to plant your seeds in late spring after the final frost to prevent cold weather harming the young sprouts and plants. 

Depending on the available resources, you can either plant your garden in a raised flower bed or directly into the soil. Once you’ve decided where to plant your garden, follow these tips: 

1. Combine bagged garden soil and compost, then mix in some play sand for drainage support to your soil

2. Use a gardening rake to create defined rows, approximately 1" deep, then sprinkle your wildflower seeds into the soil

3. Cover your loose seeds with soil and sprinkle with a gentle stream of water to keep them secure 

4. Water daily to keep the soil moist until the wildflowers begin to sprout 

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Caring for your wildflower garden 

Usually within 1-3 weeks, your wildflowers will begin to sprout, and now it's time to sit back and watch your beautiful new garden grow. Looking for tips to prepare your lawn for summer? Try these lawn care tips and then sit back and enjoy the blooms and company from birds, butterflies, bees, and other garden-loving critters!

If your wildflower garden begins to look like it could use a little boost, supplement its nutritional needs with a multi-purpose fertilizer. You can spray these helpful nutrients directly onto your flowers or into the soil, depending on the instructions on your preferred fertilizer. 


Grow with Curtis and Curtis Seed Company 

Here at Curtis and Curtis Seed, we have traveled near and far to track down the most colorful, blooming, and prosperous wildflowers around! Looking to add a beautiful cover to your land, crops, or even to your own backyard? You'll love our wide variety of wildflowers, including our  California Poppy, Llano Estacado Mixture, and Rocky Mountain Beeplant – just to name a few! 

As you search for the perfect wildflowers for your garden, keep in mind that there are countless varieties you can explore! From colorful, beautiful mixes to fragrant, butterfly-attracting blooms, you're sure to find something you love. Not sure which seed mix is best for you? Just give us a call, and our team will provide an expert recommendation to meet your needs. 

Are you ready to bring a sea of color to your home? Get started and plant your very own wildflower garden for a radiating boost every time you catch a glimpse! 

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