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How to Prepare: Annual Farming and Agriculture in 2021


Dec 18, 2020 3:06:22 PM

“With the coronavirus pandemic, we're facing a crisis the likes of which none of us has experienced before. Times like these remind us all of the importance of ensuring our nation's food security, and we want to assure Americans that agriculture remains on call 24/7.” 

— Zippy Duvall, AFBF President

The agriculture industry has spent much of this year under pressure as the effects of COVID-19 reached across our economy. While each year brings a new set of challenges and risks, 2020 has been no exception. We’ve watched farmers like you remain resilient, and your dedication during these times of uncertainty has encouraged families and businesses across the nation.


So, what's in store for the farming industry in 2021? While nothing is certain, here at Curtis and Curtis Seed Company, we remain optimistic that better things are coming. If there's anything we've learned in our nearly 65 years of business, it's the importance of hard work and that you don't quit when the going gets tough. No matter what this year throws your way, we'll be by your side as your trusted partners in the seed industry.

Prepare for annual farming and more with Curtis and Curtis


As a family-owned business, we're dedicated to making high-quality seed readily available to farmers, ranchers, and government officials. Our commitment to providing superior service and products while pursuing new technology has made us a trustworthy name in the seed industry. From public land projects to colorful wildflowers to small grain cover crops, we ensure our native seeds meet and exceed industry regulations to help you reach your agribusiness goals.

Cover crops to prepare for growing season 

We provide a wide range of quality cover crops to strengthen your land between planting seasons to increase future crop production. Cover crops are a great, low-maintenance way to protect exposed soil from weeds, erosion, and harsh weather conditions. Planting rotation crops is also a great way to improve soil health through root development and providing it with the essential nutrients and minerals it may be lacking after harvest. 

At Curtis and Curtis Seed, we offer a wide variety of cover crops to ensure you find the right seed blend for your land's unique needs. Explore our seeds below to find the right cover crop for your land.

Bearded StrawberryClover HairyVetch FixationClover

Not sure which cover crop is right for your land? Read more here.

Winter Crops for livestock 

There are several things to consider when choosing the right seed for your livestock. You'll need to consider your type of livestock, the size of your land, and your region when selecting your pasture grass seed to ensure the health of your livestock and soil.

Triticale is a common choice among farmers to provide quality forage to meet their feed needs. Its wide range of uses includes grain, forage, cover crops, and more. See featured seed blends for your land below.

Trical813 Smoothgrazer

To learn more about these seed blends, read more here.



Take on 2021 with Curtis and Curtis!  

Not sure what to expect when you partner with Curtis and Curtis Seed Company? Quality seed is just the beginning! Receive superior customer service, personalized consulting, timely shipping and delivery, and more. We're here to help you prepare your land for a prosperous and healthy 2021. 

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