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Fall Fertilizing: Root Development & Other Benefits


Oct 13, 2020 11:00:00 AM

When it comes to maintaining a healthy, robust lawn year-round, fall fertilizing is one of the best-kept secrets among experienced homeowners. 

Why do I need to fertilize my lawn in the fall? 

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of planting high-quality seeds, but that’s not where it ends. Taking the extra steps to keep up with proper lawn care is essential to get the most out of your seed investment. So, why exactly should you fertilize your lawn in this season? 

Feeding your grass with the nutrients found in quality fertilizer can ensure it looks and feels great throughout the fall and into the winter. This is the time of year that your grass will begin to store these nutrients and develop strong roots as we prepare for winter. Adding this simple step to your autumn to-do list can even help to better prepare your yard to thrive in the spring. 

Benefits of Fall fertilizing 

To enjoy the long list of benefits of fall fertilizing, start by selecting a quality product that is recommended for your region. Follow application instructions and spread once in early fall and then again six to eight weeks later. This double dose of nutrients will make all of the difference come spring when you have a strong, healthy lawn! 

Fall fertilizing supports several aspects of your yard, including:

Root development

Feeding your lawn with the right food allows it to grow stronger, deeper roots before cold weather and frozen soil set in. Strong roots will store these nutrients to come back quicker and healthier come spring. 

Weed and pest control 

Every lawn is different, that's why there’s a wide variety of fertilizers to help target the unique issues of your lawn. Reduce the number of perennial weeds and pests that haunt your yard. 

Replenish your lawn 

Did you know that your lawn holds on to the stress caused by summer conditions? Repair damage to your grass caused by the summer’s heat, drought, and increased foot traffic with nitrogen and other lawn nutrients it’s craving.  

green grass with the words your lawn holds on to the stress caused by summer conditions

Get a head start on spring growth 

All of the effort you put into your lawn care this fall will pay off in the spring when you finally get to show off the lush, green results. With Curtis and Curtis Seed, finding high-quality grass seed for your yard is the easy part. We provide expert planting instructions and tips for maintenance to help you get the most out of your seed product. 

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Take advantage of our online seed finder tool to find more winter seeds for your home. For more information on fertilizing and preparing for winter, contact the cultivation experts today!

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