Curtis and Curtis Seed Helps With Land Reclamation & Restoration

Our team at Curtis and Curtis Seed Company is equipped with the seeds and knowledge to support land reclamation projects for stripped and overused land. We have decades of experience supporting government agencies that manage federal, state, and private land exposed to harmful human activity and natural influences.

Restore disturbed land with native seeds

There are various efforts to restore disturbed land and prepare it for intensive use, including the spread of native grass seeds. Planting high-quality grasses and cover crops is an excellent way to add nutrients back into your soil, offer erosion control, retain moisture, and provide grazing to livestock and wildlife. 

Healthy soil can benefit surrounding pollinators and wildlife, prepare land for upcoming crops, and even absorb carbon emissions that can have lasting effects on our atmosphere if released. Click here to read more about carbon sequestration. 

Featured Seed Blends

Quality seed is a non-negotiable when it comes to planning a successful land reclamation project. Take a look at some of our trusted seed blends for stabilizing disturbed soils.

close up of homesteader's choice grass seed

Homesteader's Choice Native Grass Seed Mixture

Plant as a pasture or forage grass or as a re-vegetation base in any low input Western range setting.

close up of mountain pass grass seed

Mountain Pass Native Grass Seed

High elevation native grass blend. Perfect for those working on reclamation at 6,000ft and above. Mountain grasses typically have good resistance to overgrazing because of constant exposure to pressures of wildlife and domestic livestock use.

santa fe trail native grass mixture

Santa Fe Trail Native Grass Seed Mixture

Grows well from Clovis to Denver, also Santa Fe and Flagstaff areas, and works in most western parts of New Mexico. Adapts to a wide range of soil types.

color wildflowers from the llano estacado wildflower mix

Llano Estacado Wildflower Seed Mixture

We carry a variety of wildflowers that can be used if a particular reseeding mix requests it as a part of the native plant species in the area.

combines harvesting in a grass field with mountains in the back

Build your strategy with the Cultivation Experts

With over 65 years in the seed industry, we’ve seen it all and have access to virtually every seed on the market to help your project stay on course. Whether you already know the exact type of seeds needed for your site or you need support to find an appropriate native seed blend, we’ve got you covered. To help you get started, we offer site inspections and free quotes to provide you with an expert recommendation on product type and quantity.

Let’s get started

Need support on your next highway, rangeland, forestry, or land reclamation project? Our Cultivation Experts are ready to help you get started from personal consultations to custom mixing to timely delivery.

hands holding grass seeds