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The Curtis and Curtis Difference: We Care About Each Individual Seed


Aug 5, 2020 4:55:38 PM

Curtis and Curtis Seed Company is a family-owned business dedicated to closing the gap by making high-quality seed readily available to homeowners, farmers and ranchers, and government officials. Over the years, our commitment to providing superior service and products while pursuing new technology has made us trustworthy and experienced leaders in the seed industry. We've been making a difference since 1956, and we're just getting started!

So, what exactly is the Curtis and Curtis difference? We believe it's all in the way we care about each individual seed. From your home lawn to colorful wildflowers to small grain cover crops, we ensure our native seeds meet and exceed industry regulations. Learn more about our commitment to sourcing and processing the highest quality of seed! 

We value high-quality seed   

We offer a wide variety of seeds to help you take on any project, big or small. Our team of experts is here to share planting instructions and product recommendations to ensure you make the most of your seed investment. From turf grass to cover crops, we have something for everyone! 

Our Products 

native grass purple wildflower legumes shrubs and forbs

The visual difference 

Our field of work is unique in that our products leave you with a visual difference. The process of planting a seed and watching it grow into a new life is unlike any other experience. If you're a "see it to believe it" kind of person, we can assure you our seeds won't let you down. 

Our team navigates the global market to locate virtually any product for your land. A few of the main purposes our grass and legume seeds are used for include: 

  • Irrigated pastures
  • Range reseeding
  • Mine reclamation 
  • Reclamation seeding for highway, pipeline, and highline right-of-ways for government associated projects
  • Golf courses 
  • City parks
  • Home lawns and gardens
  • Industrial sites 
  • and so much more! 

wildflowers in a field with words our goal is to leave the world better than we found it

Plant the seeds for success 

We travel North America by sky to hunt and harvest our seeds, and only after passing our rigorous inspection and lab testing will they earn the Curtis and Curtis label. Our goal is to leave this world better than we found it by replenishing the land with quality products straight from Mother Nature. From start to finish, our team is here to help you ensure that your planting efforts are successful.

While we pride ourselves in our genuine care for each individual seed, we can't hide the immense pride that comes from the trusting and long-lasting relationships we've built over the years. Thank you to each customer who has believed in and supported our business — we're proud to be your friend in the seed industry! 

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