Spring Seeding For Large Land Projects

When it comes to managing large land projects, we know that there are several moving parts that state agencies and other involved partners must consider. From planting the right seeds to making appropriate use of federal and non-federal dollars, you need an experienced large seeding company that can support you through different projects.

Start your large seeding projects

Curtis and Curtis Seed Company has decades of experience working with various government agencies to restore disturbed land, manage forest and grasslands, supply seeds for private land, and more. Our team has deep roots in the global seed industry and has the equipment and technology to create custom seed blends for the unique needs of your land projects.

Here’s a look at some of the areas we can help your project flourish as you prepare for spring seeding and planting.

Land restoration

The planting of quality seeds can support damaged and overused land to restore nutrients needed for quality soil. From mine sites and crops to erosion, human activity and natural conditions can have lasting effects on the land around us. To prepare land for future use, we can help you find the right native seed or grass to restore the land.

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Public land

We support parks and recreation projects by providing grass seeds and landscaping to produce beautiful, durable coverage to land and soil. From national parks to high-traffic sports fields to community centers, we have a variety of turf and native grasses that will thrive under the right conditions. Our team is familiar with the needs and regulations of public land use to provide product and planting recommendations to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Improve sustainability

Quality seeds improve sustainability to an ecosystem by improving the air, soil, and water quality of an area. Impacts from climate change, extreme weather, and other disturbances can be severely damaging to the land. Our team targets these struggles by providing native grasses that deliver nutrients back into the soil and provide coverage for surrounding plants, wildlife, and pollinators.

Let’s get started

Need support on your next highway, rangeland, forestry, or land reclamation project? Our Cultivation Experts are ready to help you get started from personal consultations to custom mixing to timely delivery.

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