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Spring Lawn Care to Brush Away Winter Blues


Feb 22, 2021 5:24:45 PM

Prepare your lawn for a year of healthy growth with some much-needed spring lawn care! 

Your spring lawn care plan

As your dormant grass begins to wake up after a long, cold winter, proper lawn care is essential to bring it back to life. Get a healthy start on the upcoming growing season with a few simple steps that will make a big difference in your lawn this spring. Below are six points to help you get started. 

Tune-up your lawnmower 

Start the season off with a good tune-up to your lawnmower. Change the oil, check the air filter and spark plug. Next, make sure blades are sharp and replace them if needed. Finally, fill up your fuel tank, and you’re ready to go! 

If you prefer to skip this step, take your lawnmower to your local repair and service shop.

mower on grass that says start the season off with a good tune-up

Clear winter debris 

Give your lawn a good walkthrough to collect twigs, branches, and trash. Gently rake leaves and dead grass. Pull and treat unwanted weeds that have popped up.  

Fertilize lawn

Early spring is the perfect time to fuel your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Even the highest quality grass seed needs a little fertilizer to promote a robust root system to combat the elements, drought, mowing, and foot traffic. Be sure to read all warnings and follow directions on your fertilizer package. 

Mow high 

Adjusting your blades to mow high — leaving grass about 3-4 inches high — allows the roots to grow deeper. Taller grass protects the base and soil from the sun and crowds out pesky weeds. A good rule of thumb is to cut no more than ⅓ of your grass’s height at a time. 

Overseed and treat bare spots 

We all aim for a lush, thick lawn but sometimes fall short. If you notice unsightly bare spots, sprinkle over them with quality grass seed and water daily until they reach the surrounding grass. For much larger areas of sparse grass, you may want to reseed, or overseed, the entire lawn.   

High-quality seed from Curtis and Curtis 

Sunny Lawn Blend 

sunny lawn blend bag

Shady Lawn Blend 

shady lawn blend bag

Sports/Park Blend 

sports park blend bag


With over 65 years in the seed industry, we hold our seeds to the highest standard. The way we see it, high-quality seed isn’t just the preferred option – it’s the only option! That’s why we offer customers a wide selection of grass seeds for any region and lawn type. 

Create a watering schedule 

How often you need to water your lawn depends on the type of grass you have. Cool-season grasses often require more water, while warm-season grasses typically require less water. To start, try supplying your lawn with one inch of water a week and adjust accordingly. We recommend watering early in the morning so that water has a chance to soak deeply into the soil before evaporating during the day. 

You’re ready to become a Cultivation Expert 

Need some extra help to get the most out of your lawn year-round? Check out our collection of seasonal planting tips and seed recommendations over on our blog page. For more personalized support, you can request a consultation with our Cultivation Experts to ensure you get the most out of your seed investment. 

home with nice lawn that says read more of our lawn care tips


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