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Prepare Your Home and Garden With Spring Lawn Care


Mar 16, 2021 2:33:38 PM

If you ask us, the best way to welcome the spring season is to get outside and enjoy it! Focusing on spring lawn care prepares your lawn and garden for the upcoming growing season and the increased foot traffic that comes with warmer weather. Ready to bring your planting dreams to life? Check out our tried and true tips to get the most out of your seeds this spring.

Spring Lawn Care Basics

To achieve the healthiest, most luscious lawn during the warmer months, there are a few steps you’ll need to add to your lawn care routine. Be sure you’re starting with a strong foundation and planting quality grass seed that will thrive in your home’s conditions. Remember, quality produces quantity! Being consistent in your watering and lawn care is essential to see the best results this spring.

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Tip #1: Be Mindful of Shady Areas

Taking action on the shady areas of your lawn early will ensure a full blanket of green grass throughout late spring and summer. Do you have those pesky shady areas that just won’t grow new grass? We have a unique grass seed blend made specifically for those stubborn shady areas in your lawn. Check out our Shady Lawn Blend!

Tip #2: Water Regularly

After months of not being used, inspect your sprinkler system to ensure it’s all cleared up and accurately adjusted. You want to make sure that all portions of your lawn are within reach of the water flow from your sprinklers.

Frequent watering in early spring will prepare your grass to stay strong and healthy throughout the spring and summer months. Set your sprinklers for the early morning before the sun comes up so that the water has a chance to penetrate the soil and reach deep to the roots. Moisture in your soil can dry out quickly under the sun and during spring winds, so water efficiently to save money on your next water bill.

Tip #3: Mow High

Cutting your grass too short is a common mistake that can leave your grass overexposed and end up hurting the health of your lawn. As the sun beats down on your lawn, longer grass blades actually protect the soil and root system from the heat. When your grass is cut shorter than its recommended length, you risk thinning out your lawn and having to mow more often.

Tip #4: Tame Weeds

Weeds can take over a lawn in no time. By weeding your grass at least once a week, you can ensure the health of your lawn is prolonged throughout the warm months. Weeds like crabgrass, grass burs, and other warm-season annual grassy weeds can go undetected and appear to be a new form of grass growth. Staying on top of it with frequent weeding can help to keep the number of unwanted weeds under control. You can do this by hand, or with a spreadable weed killer.

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Get your garden ready

Lush grass isn’t the only way to enhance the look of your yard. Take your landscaping to the next level with our tips to rejuvenate your garden for spring!

Tip #1: Check your planting zone

A little planning at the start of the season can set your garden up for success to improve the overall look of your home. March through May are generally the optimal months to plant in your garden for the best results but double-check your planting zone to find the best time and seeds to plant in your region. Whether you prefer native grasses or wildflowers, we have the highest quality seeds to start your spring garden.

Tip #2: Plant wildflowers

Wildflowers are a great, low-maintenance solution to filling your garden with beautiful colors. In addition to upgrading your landscaping, planting wildflowers provides habitat to beneficial insects, like butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and more!

We offer many different wildflower blends that will cater to everyone’s personal style. From the California Poppy to the Desert Marigold, we have something for everyone!

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Tip #3: Consider shrubs and forbs 

Shrubs and forbs are the most versatile way to step-up your landscaping. These luscious, green plants can be planted to line fences, borders, walkways, gardens, and backyards. These beautiful additions can bring privacy, beauty, diversity, wind protection, and erosion control to your home and garden.

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Planting with the Cultivation Experts 

Prepare your home and garden with a little help from our team at Curtis and Curtis. We source and process our seeds with the highest standards to ensure each seed blend exceeds your expectations. With over 65 years in the seed industry, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality product on the market.

Check out our other blogs for more tips and tricks to ensure you have the best lawn on the block! For more personalized help, you can request a consultation with our Cultivation Experts to ensure you get the most out of your seed investment.

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