Planting Quality Pasture Grass Seed

Pasture blends are composed of grasses, legumes, and shrubs that provide palatable forage for horses and livestock. While planting quality seed is essential to any profitable livestock operation, there are several other benefits of lush, well-maintained pastures. 

In addition to grazing, these grasses offer shelter and food to surrounding wildlife, improve groundwater quality, and strengthen soil composition.

What to look for in pasture grass 

While specific grass and legume species vary among mixtures, there are common characteristics to look for in your seed blend. 

  • Quick establishment
  • Resistance to disease
  • Tolerance to regional and seasonal conditions

You’ll also want to consider the animals grazing on your land and their dietary needs and habits. For example, horses have a more sensitive digestive system and different grazing habits than other livestock.  

Fall planting 

Many pasture blends are made up of cool-season forage varieties that are quick to establish and offer tolerance to winter conditions. With freezing temperatures approaching, farmers and ranchers need to prepare pastures to ensure grazing is available for livestock in the months to come. Because a strong root system must be established before grazing, planting or overseeding in the fall can allow your forage time to grow over the winter so that it’s ready by early spring.

PastureGrassSeedBlog_Equestrian Mix

Equestrian Mix - Pasture Grass Mixture

This mix uses a combination of cool-season grasses and legumes for a long-lived, permanent pasture suited for continuous or cell grazing under a wide range of growing conditions. Our equestrian mix combines some of the highest quality plants in production, palatability, and nutritive value.


Stockmaster® Livestock Grazing Mix

This dependable cool-season forage mixture provides a palatable, digestible pasture mixture that is ideal for cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and horses. Stockmaster is formulated with improved varieties of endophyte-free perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and orchardgrass.


Herdmaster Mix - Pasture Grass Mixture

This four-way blend of Orchardgrass, Bromegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Endophyte-Free Tall Fescue has the ability to produce volumes of lush green forage for numerous livestock species. Sometimes used in medium to high-altitude plantings, Herdmaster's versatility allows for planting in meadows in a variety of conditions.


Plant quality pastures with Curtis and Curtis Seed Company

At Curtis and Curtis Seed Company, we make sourcing and processing quality seed a top priority. Since our start over 65 years ago, we’ve set ourselves apart by hunting down the highest quality native grass seeds in North America. Today, we’re living out our mission to leave the land better than we found it – one seed at a time.

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