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Planting Fall Cover Crops: Are Clovers Good for Your Land?


Sep 30, 2020 4:54:53 PM

At the end of a growing season or in the fall before the cold weather arrives, farmers will often plant cover crops to protect and prepare soil for the following growing season. While these crops come in various forms, they all add organic matter and essential nutrients back into the soil. At Curtis and Curtis Seed, we provide you with a wide selection of cover crops that meet our highest standard of excellence.

Benefits of Planting Fall Cover Crops 

Cover crops are typically planted at least one month before the first frost and provide numerous benefits to your land. Farmers depend on them to improve soil quality, control erosion, reduce weeds, and more as they prepare for future planting. 

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of planting fall cover crops.  

Erosion control
Winter conditions can be harmful to the land of farmers and gardeners. Planting cover crops to maintain cover and vegetation on your land can protect the soil from erosion caused by rain, wind, and frost.  

Weed control 
Plating a dense cover crop can reduce the amount of weeds able to establish on your land. This can save valuable time and money on weeding in the spring. 

Attract pollinators 
Flowering cover crops provide a source of nectar to bees in late winter to early spring. 

Prepare for upcoming growing season 
At the end of their growing cycle, cover crops are tilled back into the soil, where they release essential nutrients as the plants decompose. This improves and balances your soil for the upcoming growing season. 

Are Clovers Good for Your Land? 

Yes! Many cover crops are either categorized as grasses or legumes. Clovers are a popular type of legume that convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into a soluble form that can be absorbed by other plants. Clovers come in several varieties, each offering unique hardiness and adaptability to different soil types, climates, and planting seasons. 

We offer a great selection of clovers and provide expert consulting to help you find the right clover for your land. 

Types of Clovers 

3September-CloverRed3September-CloverBalansaFixation3September-WhiteDutchClover 3September-YellowBlossomSweetClover 3September-PurplePrairieClover

Turn to the Cultivation Experts 

Get ready for the upcoming growing season with our team of cultivation experts here at Curtis and Curtis Seed Company. With over 60 years of experience in the seed industry, we’re confident we can help you find the right seed with helpful planting instructions for any job. From perfecting your home lawn to putting in the work for a plentiful crop, we’ve got you covered every step of the way! 

Give us a call or go online to experience our superior customer service and timely delivery on your next seed order. Need help finding the right clover for your land? Check out our helpful seed finder tool to explore our selection of clovers or contact our cultivation experts for a custom recommendation.

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