Land of Enchantment Blend


Land of Enchantment Mountain Blend

Our Land of Enchantment Mountain Blend combines a variety of native grasses to restore and enrich the fire-devastated areas across New Mexico. This hearty, drought-resistant native seed blend was designed for areas affected by wildfire, specifically Calf Canyon, Hermit’s Peak, and Cook’s Peak. Our goal in creating this custom mix is to bring life back to the land by providing forage to surrounding wildlife, soil stabilization, and protection against erosion.  

This diverse blend of cool and warm-season grasses makes it an ideal choice for various regions, elevations, and soil types. 

  • Blue Grama
  • Sideoats Grama
  • Mountain Muhly
  • Buffalograss
  • Sheep Fescue
  • Little Bluestem
  • Alkali Sacaton
  • Western Wheatgrass
  • Wildrye
  • Intermediate Wheatgrass


The planting rate for this mix is 15 pounds per acre. These seeds are subject to change based on availability. 

Characteristics of Land of Enchantment

Characteristics of Enchantment Grass

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Revitalize the Land with Curtis and Curtis Seed Company

Our family business has called the Land of Enchantment home for generations. And when our neighbors, communities, and forests felt hopeless, we couldn’t stand by.  

We created a custom seed mix with the highest-quality native grass seed to breathe life back into wildfire-damaged lands. The result: our Land of Enchantment Mountain Blend. This blend, along with our other custom seed mixtures, are excellent seed choices to provide soil and surrounding areas coverage, protection, and the nutrients needed to heal and restore. 

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