Keeping Soil Strong after Harvest

After harvesting your crops, your soil is left exposed until your next crop is planted after winter. Leaving your land bare leaves it vulnerable to winter weather and erosion. To keep soil strong after harvest, many farmers and ranchers will turn to cover crops to restore nutrients and offer protection against the elements. Different cover crops offer different benefits based on the needs of your land, including offering erosion control and improving soil quality. 

In most cases, cover crops will be planted in the fall, following harvest, and will offer coverage through the winter months. Come spring, they are mowed down and left to offer nutrients as you prepare for spring planting.

Crops to improve soil health


Reap the benefits of cover crops


Reduce erosion


Increase soil organic matter


Reduce nitrogen losses


Improve soil structure


Provide grazing to livestock


Prepare your soil for spring with cover crops from Curtis and Curtis Seed Company. Our team is on your side to help you find the right seed for your land. For support on determining the planting rate, check out our video series on selecting and planting quality seeds. Need more support? Schedule a consultation with our team to get the most out of your cover crops!

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