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Importance of Quality Cover Crops for Farmers


Aug 19, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Cover crops are an excellent option for farmers looking to increase forage and enrich soil with nutrients and organic matter.

Select the Right Cover Crops for Your Farm 

One of the most important things to consider when selecting your seed blend is when and where you will be planting. The best cover crop for your farm will depend on your region's climate, growing season, soil type, and the amount of maintenance you're willing to provide. At Curtis and Curtis Seed, we offer a wide variety of cover crops to ensure you find the right seed blend for your land's unique needs. 

Not sure where to start? Our team of cultivation experts are here to provide recommendations and planting instructions for each product. We strive to protect your seed investment every step of the way to help your business increase revenue.

Featured Products 

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Benefits of Cover Crops 

Cover crops are an excellent solution to improve soil quality and fertility. Results include:

  • Improved biological, chemical, and physical soil properties
  • Protection from soil erosion and runoff and increased infiltration
  • Prevention of harmful soil diseases and pests
  • Provision of food and habitat to wildlife, beneficial insects, and pollinators 

In addition to boosting soil nutrients, cover crops produce harvested and grazed forage for your livestock’s growth and development. Farmers and ranchers have adopted cover crops for various new uses, including increased forage in dairy corn silage fields. Seeds are planted right after the corn silage is cut to support soil moisture and prepare crops for fall conditions. 

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Let’s Get Started!   

Ready to get started on your farm’s next seed project? We ensure timely shipping and delivery and helpful tracking information to keep you up to date on your order's status. Take advantage of our online seed finder tool or contact our team for expert consulting to help you find the right cover crop. 

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