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The Impact of New Mexico Agriculture and Annual Farming


Mar 23, 2021 8:45:58 PM

Fresh chile, beans, and onions may be among the first things that come to mind when thinking of New Mexico’s agriculture, however, the annual farming industry is much more diverse. New Mexico is the home of many farms that help provide for the entire country with an impact that reaches far. Successful growing seasons are a result of the hard-working farmers and the farms they work on.

Annual Farming in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to a large variety of growing crops, including corn, wheat, cotton, peanuts, and potatoes. The Land of Enchantment consistently leads the country in chile pepper and pecan production, producing approximately 30% of America’s total production of these crops. Learn more about New Mexico's agriculture here.

Hay is the number one crop, with Alfalfa hay, in particular, being widely popular in New Mexico agriculture. More than 30% of the state’s production is exported. The hay is used for pasture, silage, and green chop significantly contributing to the state’s livestock industry, as food for cattle. New Mexico ranks in the top 10 states for cheese and milk production nationally.

Importance of Planting Quality Seeds

Quality seeds are essential to produce attainable, high-yielding crops while maintaining healthy soil. What you plant is what you get! With the use of quality seeds and products, your crops and land can be restored to their original use and improve the appearance. High-quality seeds will bring life to your land!

Here at Curtis and Curtis, agricultural protection and healthy land are very important to us. We know the significance of starting with healthy soil, and the positive difference it makes when you plant with care. We produce products of the highest quality that you can trust to strengthen your soil and achieve your agriculture goals.

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Making a Difference with Curtis & Curtis Seed

We’re proud to be the Cultivation Experts, with over 65 years of industry experience under our belt. We confidently provide farmers and government officials with the right seeds and consultation services for every project. We’ll work with you to improve the soil health of your crops, restore land, and add beauty to public highways and parks.

Contact us to learn more about supporting your next public land seed project with the Cultivation Experts! Visit our website to view the large variety of quality seeds that we offer.

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