How to Keep your Lawn Growing Through the Heat

Every homeowner wants a lawn they can feel proud of, especially during the summer months that are filled with backyard cookouts and barbeques. While lush, green grass is always the goal, it doesn’t always come easy – especially for those of us in the southern US fighting heat and drought.

Under proper conditions, warm-season grasses will often thrive during summer months while cool-season grasses may go dormant, or turn brown, until more moderate weather returns in the fall. To help you keep your lawn growing in the heat of summer, we’re sharing a few tips that will support your grass to thrive this season.

AUG1Blog_bodyWater smarter

Regular watering is key to keeping your lawn alive and thriving throughout the summer. Keep in mind that deep watering a couple of times a week is often more efficient than more frequent, shallow watering that quickly evaporates. This ensures that the water has the chance to soak into the soil and get absorbed by the roots.

Set a consistent watering schedule for early in the morning two to three days a week, keeping in accordance with your watering regulations in your area.

Mow high

While mowing high is the general rule when it comes to summer lawn care, make sure you’re mowing at the right height and frequency for your grass type. Cutting the grass too short can leave grass and soil exposed to harmful conditions. For more information on your grass type, visit our website to browse product descriptions or get in touch with our team. 

Maintain your equipment

Ensuring that your equipment is kept clean and tuned up is a great habit to make. A sharp blade and well-maintained lawn mower helps you to achieve that well-manicured look and keeps your grass healthy.

For other tools like hedge clippers, edgers, and weed trimmers, make sure you’re cleaning the parts properly and storing them in a secure place.

Control weeds

Weed control is a big part of keeping your lawn happy and healthy this summer. This is a year-long effort to identify weeds and other problems in your yard and treat them appropriately. Two of the most basic types of lawn treatments are pre-emergence weed control and post-emergence.

Plant quality grass seed

No matter the T.L.C. you put into your lawn, few things make as much of an impact as high quality grass seeds. Whether you’re planting a new lawn or reseeding an existing lawn, follow recommended planting rates to see the best results. Below are a few of our most-loved summer grasses!


Quality results with Curtis and Curtis

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