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High Quality Grass Seed Doesn't Need Fillers


May 1, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Have you ever wondered what makes a high-quality grass seed? We all know that quality products and proper lawn care are needed to grow a lush and healthy lawn, but what is it that sets quality grass seed apart from cheaper alternatives?

Several factors go into producing a quality product, but cheap and unnecessary fillers should not be one of them. At Curtis and Curtis Seed, we conduct rigorous research and lab testing to ensure that our products don't just meet industry regulations, but exceed them. Cheaper grass seed alternatives often contain products that are predominately filler and require more product and effort from the consumer. 

Educating yourself on the ingredients in your lawn-care products is essential to know what you're planting around your home. Read on to know what to look for and what to avoid. 

Look for Fillers on the Analysis Tag 

Did you know that every bag of grass seed contains an analysis tag that details important information to help customers make an educated decision when selecting a variety for their lawn? Industry regulations require that every grass seed package includes a standard analysis tag, also known as a seed tag, that lists all of the product ingredients for customers to inspect. Examine the label to see the germination rate, variety and kind, percentages of pure seed, and more. This label even identifies the amount of noxious weed and non-seed material included. 

You'll find that even the best selling grass seeds at your local garden center contain a shocking amount of fillers that are used to mislead consumers. While not all non-seed materials are harmful, some are used to help the seeds retain water and spread better, you'll want to do your research and ask questions. When you purchase from Curtis and Curtis Seed, we provide expert consultations on every seed order to answer your questions with complete transparency.  image1-3

Sustainability vs. Cost 

While there are cheaper options when selecting a grass seed for your home, we want to remind you to consider the sustainability of these lower quality grass seeds. You may think you're saving money by purchasing these cheaper products that are full of fillers, but in the long run, they may be costing you more. The money will add up when you repeatedly need to buy more products to make up for little to no growth in your lawn. 

When you prioritize sustainability over cost, and seek out high-quality grass seed, you'll have longer-lasting results year after year with minimal effort. 

What Sets Curtis and Curtis Seed Apart 

Since 1956 we have always held our business and our products to the highest standard. We exceed industry regulations to ensure that our products can thrive anywhere in the world. To provide premium products that result in higher germination than our competitors, we travel North America by sky to find the perfect varieties to produce superior seeds. Click here to watch a quick video to see how we’ve been doing this for years. 

We conduct countless lab studies to ensure that each product passes our five-star rating, earning the Curtis and Curtis Seed label. We provide custom seed mixing to ensure each seed blend has everything it needs and absolutely nothing that it doesn't. Noxious grasses, overuse of clay or other seed coatings, and unnecessary fillers are ingredients that never find a place in our grass seed. 

Need help discovering the right blend for your home's sunny climate? Check out the growing information on our Sunny Lawn Blend, the grass seed that produces a lawn that everyone on the block will stop to admire! 

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