Hermits Peak Restoration Blend


Hermits Peak Restoration Blend 

Our team specially harvested this blend to combat the devastation after the New Mexico wildfire at Hermits Peak. This restorative blend is a quick-growing solution to heal destroyed lands. It contains two native grass species, warm and cool season varieties, along with two cover crop species that work together in perfect harmony. The fast-growing cover crop seeds establish early and offer temporary cover holding the soil together so that the native species spread roots and establish over time.

This restorative blend features several native grasses, including: 

  • Blue Grama, Hermits Peak VNS
  • Western Wheatgrass, Arriba
  • Cereal Rye
  • Wheat

*Mix is subject to change based on availability. 

Native Grass for Wildfire-Devastated Areas  

Over the last year, our team’s remained dedicated to restoring wildfire-devastated areas, specifically Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon. When the wildfires spread across New Mexico in 2022, we jumped into action to harvest the native grass seed found at Hermit’s Peak. Because what grows better than seed natural to the area? 

After carefully selecting the highest quality seeds, we created this blend to help with erosion control, restoring nutrients in the soil, and providing essential forage for local wildlife. 

Native Grass - Wildfire

We’re on a mission to bring life back to lands across the state scarred by wildfires as we plant the best native, quality seed. We’re sowing life back into distressed soil. 

Characteristics of Hermits Peak Restoration Blend 

  • Height: 12”-18”
  • Weather: Warm and Cool Season
  • Sod Forming
  • Spring and Summer Planting
  • Widely Adapted to Most Soils
  • Medium Foot Traffic
  • Low Water Usage 

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