Get Ahead on Your Spring Planting Season

For those in the agriculture industry, you know that the spring planting season starts long before spring. Farmers, planters, and ranchers are spending this time planning and preparing for a successful planting season. Below we’ve shared some of our tips to start this season off on the right foot.

5 Tips for Planting Season

From setting yield goals to ensuring your equipment is ready for the long haul, there are a few things you can do to set your crops up for success.

  1. Analyze crops and set goals

    1. Having a plan is essential to growing a successful crop. After reviewing and analyzing your numbers from the previous planting season, set realistic goals for the upcoming season and the steps you can take to reach them.

  2. Inspect planting equipment

    1. Kick-off the season with the proper equipment needed to prepare your fields and soil for planting. Clean up your machinery and inspect each piece of equipment for any necessary repairs to ensure it’s running properly.

  3. Make weed management a priority

    1. Weed control can save you money down the road when you consider yields lost to the spread of weeds and disease. Plan your attack with a system of pre-emergent and postemergence weed herbicides.

  4. Plan for weather

    1. Weather, especially unexpected conditions, is one of the biggest challenges to planting season. Prepare for what you can by considering temperatures, precipitation, insects, and other conditions that occurred in previous years. Plan accordingly where you are able and trust your intuition when making decisions.

  5. Plant the right seed

    1. You can plant the highest quality seeds, but if it’s not the right seed blend for your soil type, regional conditions, or water requirements, then your results may be less than expected. Our team can support you to find the right seeds or custom seed blends to thrive in your crop's conditions. We can even recommend seed products to prepare the soil and restore nutrients for future growing seasons.

hands holding seeds with a quote that says find the right seeds or custom seed blends to thrive in your crop's conditions

Make this planting season a success

The Cultivation Experts here at Curtis and Curtis Seed Company are ready to help you prepare for a successful planting season! We offer our decades of expertise and knowledge of the industry to help farmers, ranchers, and those in the ag industry get the most out of their seed investment. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team online or give us a call for more information. We look forward to supporting you this season!

Let’s get started

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