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Drought-Resistant Grass Seed For Your Home


May 15, 2020 11:53:01 AM

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face in hot summer months is finding the right grass seed for their home, more specifically, a drought-resistant grass seed. As we approach the summer months, you may be on the lookout to upgrade your lawn to a grass blend that will hold up against high temperatures and minimal water. Here at Curtis and Curtis Seed, we offer a variety of drought-resistant grass seeds that require low water usage to retain a healthy, green color and adapt during dry spells.

With deep root systems and the ability to go dormant under extreme circumstances, these lively grass blends are an excellent investment to ensure that your lawn remains beautiful throughout the summer. 

Does Your Lawn Need Drought-Resistant Grass Seed?  

When selecting grass seed, consider the climate of your home. You'll find two different categories, warm and cool season grasses to help you find a product that will thrive in your area. Warm season grasses will do exceptionally well in areas with hot summers and mild winters, while cool season grasses will do best in areas with more extreme winters and cooler summers.

Drought-resistant grass seed is a great option for those living in an area that receives little rainfall and follows strict water restrictions and regulations. Here are a few of our best-selling grass seed blends.

Sundancer Buffalograss 

Sundancer is the most advanced turf type Buffalograss available for its low maintenance and lush appearance. This blend responds to the demands of warm climate turf and is widely adapted to diverse environments, excelling above other turfs. 

Sahara II Bermudagrass 

This blend is very drought tolerant, with excellent durability, dark green color, fine texture and is low growing. Sahara Bermudagrass is sought after for lush home lawns, manicured golf courses, and public parks. This easy-to-care-for seed is an excellent choice for your warm and dry climate home. 

Native Wonder 

For a premium turf that adapts to diverse environments, try our customer favorite, Native Wonder Turf Grass Mix! This blend is quick to turn green after exposure to water and is an excellent option for a low-maintenance lawn with little water. You'll love the low growing and robustness of this blend, and the tailored and healthy look it delivers.

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Caring for Your Grass Seed 

Establish a watering routine that sustains your lawn while following your city's water regulations and staying mindful of your water bill. Watering early in the morning when the temperature is cooler, allows your grass to absorb water early in the day to prepare for the heat from the sun. We advise drought-resistant grass seeds as they allow you to get the most out of your lawn with minimal watering. You may find that you can get away with mowing less often to avoid adding stress to your grass. You can even leave the grass clippings as they add moisture to your lawn. 

Survive the Summer Heat with Curtis Seed 

At Curtis and Curtis Seed, every product that we produce passes our rigorous inspection, exceeding industry standards. From superior grass seed to expert consulting, our team provides a full-service customer experience to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Allow our team to help you find the right product for your home based on your location and climate. 

Investing in quality grass seed that will thrive in your dry climate is more important in the long run than quickly purchasing a cheaper commercial option, but it can save you hundreds over time. Our warm climate grass seeds are resilient, enduring the summer heat along with other harsh conditions. Need help discovering the right blend for your home's sunny climate? Browse our variety of drought-resistant grass seeds or contact our cultivation experts today to get started! 

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