Buffalograss Seed for a Healthy Lawn

Buffalograss is a lush blue-green, warm-season grass that is a top choice for homeowners across the US. This low-maintenance grass is extremely hardy and adapted to dry conditions. The qualities make it an excellent addition to custom seed mixes like our Land of Enchantment Mountain Blend.

In most cases, we recommend planting Buffalograss between spring and early fall when the soil temperature is warmer. Plant in an area that receives plenty of sunlight and water regularly until germinated. Once established, you can mow it short for a well-manicured look or leave it to grow for a more natural look.

Our Top Buffalograss Species


Our Texoka Buffalograss is one of our most popular products, ideal for turf, range seedings, and erosion control. It offers an economical choice for a low-maintenance cover. Its hardiness under adverse conditions makes this a long-lived plant for a short-grass prairie setting.


Not only does our Cody Buffalograss offer the classic traits this species is known for... it does more! This warm-season turf grass provides high density, dark hues, and a fine texture. It's perfect for all your outdoor activities. Due to its unique development, it can excel in many areas, including lawns, golf courses, acreages, and parks.


Sundancer boasts as the most advanced turf type Buffalograss in the industry. This seed sprouts superior quality and performance when it comes to warm-season turf. Sundancer is widely adapted for diverse environments and remains the standard for high-traffic areas. 

Find the Right Buffalograss Seed  

With these incredible choices, picking the right seed for the lawn, pasture, or ranch can be difficult. That's why we are here to help! Our Cultivation Experts will ask you a few questions to determine which seed will work best for your property. 

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