Benefits of Wildflowers & Legumes For Your Garden

Fill your wildflower garden with soil-loving blooms

Bring color to your home’s landscaping and garden with wildflowers and legumes from Curtis and Curtis! These plants bring nutrients to your soil, improve water and air quality, and can fight the effects of climate change. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of growing wildflowers and legumes.

Improve soil quality
purple clover

Both wildflowers and legumes have the ability to improve soil quality. These plants contribute many benefits, including increasing soil organic matter, improving soil structure, and nitrogen fixation. Legumes have the impressive ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a soluble, easy-to-absorb form.

Create an eco-friendly area

Wildflowers are pollinator plants that create a welcoming habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and insects. These plants not only offer coverage and nutrients to wildlife and pollinators but can also improve the air and water quality of your surrounding area.

Low maintenance = great results

Looking for plants that will thrive with minimal maintenance? Wildflowers and legumes that are native to your area will grow into healthy, beautiful plants without costing you an arm and a leg. Wildflowers in particular require significantly less water and maintenance than non-native flowers.

Featured legumes

The legume family houses a diverse range of plants, producing a dry fruit that serves as food for humans or livestock. Some of the most common types of legumes include:
1. Peas
2. Beans
3. Clover


Featured wildflowers

Wildflower species are hardy and self-reproducing flowers, coming in an endless array of colors, sizes, and shapes. These flowers are appealing to gardeners as they demand less attention and are a lower-cost alternative to high-maintenance gardening.


Start growing with us!

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