Benefits of Planting Quality Agricultural Grass Seeds

When choosing a grass seed for a large land planting project like forestry and grasslands, highways, conservation easements, or land restoration, the quality of the seed you plant matters. Planting high-quality agricultural grass seeds and native seed blends results in more than just a beautiful visual difference. Quality seed delivers many benefits to the land and surrounding environment in so many ways.

Planting seeds that are varietally pure and have high germination rates can result in lasting results and higher yields. These plants can restore nutrients to the soil and support future plant growth for seasons to come. Continue reading to see how far the reach of planting quality seeds can spread.

Environmental impacts of quality seed

ag_grass-04Absorb carbon emissions

Healthy soils and plants can combat carbon emissions and climate change by absorbing atmospheric carbon that would otherwise harm the Earth's atmosphere. This process is referred to as carbon sequestration and can be done naturally and by human effort to reduce carbon emissions that have the potential of becoming carbon dioxide gas.

Erosion control

Coverage from hardy agricultural grasses can protect your soil from harmful elements like wind and water exposure. These plants are deeply rooted, hold topsoil and nutrients in the ground, and prevent the spread of weeds and disease.

Purify and improve air quality

Increased oxygen production and improved air quality is another benefit of planting quality seeds. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release the oxygen we need to breathe while capturing pollutants in the air.

Provide habitat to wildlife and pollinators

Growing native plants provides a welcoming environment and habitat to surrounding wildlife and pollinators in your area. These plants enhance pollinator populations and welcome helpful insects and critters.


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