A Focus on Agricultural Water Management

Water management is the use and distribution of water on your farm. As a farmer, you know that water management is closely related to the success of your agriculture business. With water becoming a less reliable resource, you have to be strategic in your water usage to maintain income and crop yields.

Improve your water management

In a perfect world, farmers would have endless access to all of the resources they need. While that is not the reality for many advanced agriculture operations, there are a number of practices that can improve water management to boost efficiency, optimize water distribution, and prepare your crops for drought.

water dripping from irrigation line

Watering Schedule

A simple way to reduce water usage is to reevaluate your irrigation schedule based on weather, soil type, crops, and other influencing factors. When using an intentional irrigation schedule, you ensure that your crops are receiving the right amount of water without over- or underwatering.

hands dirty and holding soil

Soil Health

Building good soil health through cover crops is another way to improve water efficiency and make your land more resilient to harsh conditions and climate change. By increasing organic matter in your land, the soil is more likely to retain water. You can browse our cover crop seeds here.

rows of water irrigation line plants

Transitioning irrigation types

Many farmers see great results from changing to a new irrigation or drainage system. For example, the transition from flood irrigation to drip irrigation can reduce water by nearly 20%. Drip irrigation is a system that releases small droplets of water directly on the root zone of plants. This controlled release of water prevents overflowing and soil erosion while delivering a precise amount of water to crops.

Results you can see with Curtis and Curtis

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